GuU Garden!!

I love GuU!! So when I found out that a new GuU restaurant was established on Nelson I was EXCITED=)

This new GuU restaurant is called GuU Garden and it is located at the corner of Nelson and Hornby. It is very hidden since it is on the second level of the building and there is a lot of construction going on in that area right now.

The interior and feel of this restaurant is quite different from the other GuUs since it is more spacious and has more of an upbeat feel. However the usual loud chantings from the cooks and waitresses seemed even louder since it echos through the place.

The menu is different with more emphasis on Oden than all the other GuUs. But they still had a few favorites.

The first dish of the evening was the Tuna and Melon Granite

This dish has a very unique taste and texture. It consist of nice chunks of tuna and melons, topped with a layer of shaved ice. I like this dish and it is definitely worth trying!

The second dish was the classic Kabocha Korokke— Which is the egg stuffed inside a pumpkin mixture.

This was delicious as always. I just love the sauce that they put on top. Also I love eggs, so no complaints here!

The third dish was the Fried Chicken with Garlic Mayo—-

The batter of the fried chicken is less salty than all the other GuUs, also it has a more flaky texture. The garlic mayo was a super bonus; without it the chicken would have tasted a little bland for my liking.

The last dish of the evening was a special caesar salad topped with shrimp fried with tofu skin—-

The shrimp stuffed in tofu skin reminded me of eating dimsum, however it still was tasty on top a yummy caesar salad! Very creative indeed=)

There was only two of us and we only ordered 4 dishes but it was still enough to get us full. And the bill was less than $35!

GuU is always a great place to go for good, delicious eats!

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