Almost a month…

I have definitely experienced a lot in the few weeks that I have been here. It feels way longer than a month.

I had the opportunity to join the World Cup fever in Korea while eating lots and lots of delicious food and meeting lots of new people from all over. I have also started to teach my own program and did my first performance with the kids. My tolerance for spicy food has also increased dramatically. The most important thing is I have finally received my Alien Card so I am no longer a refugee in Korea=) With the power of that card I was finally able to sign up for cable, internet and a cellphone!  Whoopi!

Here are a few pics…

Go Korea Go!!  Everyone is wearing Red to cheer on Korea during their final game in the World Cup. Even though we lost, everyone still had a great time afterwards just cheering =)

Germany vs Argentina Game. In Itaewon cheering on Germany at a Germany bar and meeting one of the coaches of the Korean ski jump team. It was an amazing game with Germany winning 4-0!

I have also been doing lots of shopping in Seoul. Although things are cheap, I would still have to say it doesn’t compare to Hong Kong and China. There have been so many incidences where I buy something and when I get home I realize it’s “Made in China”. hahaha! Then I think to myself I could have got this for half the price in Hong Kong! Oh Wells=)

And for some strange reason FUBU is still really popular here?!?  I haven’t seen people wear this brand for ages back home…lol!

How else should I treat myself after a long day of shopping?? With a large ice-cream of course!~ Only $1.50!!! Yipppe!

Here are the kids that I had this week! They were quite cute=) I had them make their own comic books. A few were very entertaining and at times disturbing=)

I also had to conduct Sports class with a large numbers of kids last week .  We decided to play dodgeball. And let me tell you when most kids are taller than you then balls will be thrown at your head no matter how many times you say “No! Listen Up!”.

Attended a farewell party this weekend and went for duck. It was good but nothing compared to BBQ DUCK with soysauce on rice!>

Since we are on the topic of food, here are the yummys that i miss from home : dim-sum, pho, poutine, steamed fish, guu, fresh sashimi, bubble tea, bbq pork, soysauce chicken, crepes, japa dog and my mommy’s chinese soup!!!!! I want to cry now….

I will update more with food pictures soon!

I am hoping to attend the Mud Festival next weekend. It’s supposedly one of the biggest foreigner events in Korea and it is on the top 30 things to do before you turn 30. More details will be given soon!

Thank you all for being so patient with my blog updates! Since I have internet now I will be updating more frequently!!

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