Bao Chau Vietnamese–Hastings

Bao Chau—I have heard so many good things about this Vietnamese restaurant, especially about their famous spring rolls. I had really high expectations going into it since I love Pho and eat it on a weekly basis. This restaurant is located on Hastings street, literally 2 blocks away from Playland. My first impression was that it was quite clean and that everything was organized. So it was off to a good start!

#1 Pho Dac Biet

This is what I usually go for when I have Pho. It is the House Special and it has a bit of everything. Exactly how I like it! The most important thing about Pho to me is the broth. It is the main base for noodle is soup so it has to be good. The broth at Bao Chau was pretty good. Not too salty like other Pho places and it still had a strong flavorful taste.The portion was good and quite filling.

#8 Pho Tai Sach Bo Vien

Fried Spring Roll

This is their famous spring roll that everyone was telling me about. I heard really good compliments about this roll and was really excited to try it since I love all that is fried! The portion is quite large and it was very filling. There is a large amount of meat stuffing in each bite. However, I wasn’t a fan of the skin of the spring roll. I still prefer the crispier skin (ex: the skin from fried wonton) better. This is just a personal preference cause I like things crunchy. All in all it was a delicious spring roll and will be back for more!

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