Cora-Sunday Brunch

Brand new Coras in Coquitlam

I first about Cora when one of my good friends who went to Toronto for a vacation came back and raved about this breakfast joint. Coincidentally one evening we decided to go for a late dinner and saw the brand new Cora being built in Coquitlam. It was a nice surprise since we had no idea that Cora was coming to town. We arrived past 12 on a Sunday and the place was fully packed.

We started off with the smoothie of the day which was a blend of pineapples, mangoes, strawberries and orange. Very refreshing with no added sugar. Just all fruit!

Here’s the Cora special: 2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage and crepe, served with roasted potatoes and toast. The portion is quite large and filling.

A delicious tuna melt with fruit. Loved this tuna melt and the layout of the fruit.I would have to say one of the best tuna melts I’ve had. Great flavor and just the right amount of cheese.

This crepe was the size of my arm! A thin layer of crepe, fresh fruit topped with whipped cream and icing sugar. So satisfying! If you like crepes then this is a must try.

Cora is definitely a great place for breakfast and lunch. Very healthy selections and everything is fresh.

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