Be My Valentine?

We were treated to an extra special valentines this year. One of our good friends invited us over for a gourmet, homemade valentines dinner. My talented friend and her sister created this 5 course dinner that was ever so delicious and memorable. Great flavours and fresh ingredients. We were definitely spoiled from the 6 hour dinner. (thanks so much!)

pan-seared foie gras with toasted garlic baguette – potatoes cakes topped with slightly seared scallops -  french onion soup with a flaky top – duck breast with a red wine reduction – “create your own” ice cream bowl (homemade chocolate cups)

On actual Valentines Day – We went and did the most romantic thing ever….eat fried chicken! Matt is lucky that I’m so easily satisfied =) I’ve heard good things about Zabu Chicken on Robson Street and decided that’s what I wanted. The atmosphere and the seating of this place is pretty good. But the best thing is the chicken! We ordered the Original Zabu Chicken which is a whole chicken fried then tossed in a sweet, soya sauce based sauce. The chicken was crispy and I like how you actually get a whole chicken instead of just the usual thighs and drumsticks. We also shared a tofu soup which was decent but much better at other Korean restaurants on the strip. I would definitely recommend this place if you are a fan of fried chicken.

Zabu Chicken on Urbanspoon

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