i heart nyc + apologies

Apologies for this much delayed post. June has been a hectic month but a great one =) Things have started to settle down but with moving ahead I hope to post more as soon as I get the chance. During busy moments I never really get to soak it all in, so it’s always good to look back and revisit those moments.

At the end of May, a handful of my really good girlfriends took me on my first experience to The Big Apple (can’t believe it’s been a month!). We did lots of eating, shopping, sightseeing and walked for miles. Enjoyed every moment of it and can’t wait till I return. (Thanks girls!). A bit of an intro of what we devoured over….more elaborate details to come.

Inside : Eataly

This place is endless, filled with Italy’s finest. Fresh Pasta, Pizza, Cured Meats, Gelato…

Our delicious picnic lunch

Mini Cupcakes – Baked by Melissa

Best Peking Duck meal in Chinatown – Crispy skin and large portions!

Peking Duck House on Urbanspoon

One of the BEST things I have ever tasted….Lobster Tail from Cakeboss *droolssss*

i heart nyc

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