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A fellow food blogger recommended House of Nanking for dinner with great reviews. We decided to visit on our last night which was a Thursday evening. We got there at approximately 9pm to a line up of people outside. For a Chinese restaurant, I didn’t see many Chinese patrons which made me wonder. But with so many people lining up on a late Thursday evening I knew I had to try.

It was an indecisive battle with so many choices so the owner came by and said “I will make my favorites for you.” With only three of us she explained that three dishes would be enough since the portions are large.

Goji Berry Tea

As soon as we sat down we were served with Goji Berry Tea. It was a nice blend with a hint of sweetness. I also saw many others order the Blossom Tea (a tea flower that blossoms in the cup as it steeps)

Popular tilapia fish soup

This was my favourite of the night. It isn’t on the regular menu but if you ask they will have it. They deep fry a tilapia fish and then boiled it for the white soup base and then add noodles, mushrooms and wonton to complete the soup. I loved the flavour. There were hints of basil and the stock had a rich fish taste. It came with a whole fish so it was definitely hard to finish.

Popular Beef Tenderloin Stir-fry

The beef was very tender and had a sweet and salty flavour. Goes so well with steaming hot white rice.

Chinese Veggie Stir-fry with black bean fish

This dish was a bit oily but the overall taste was great. They stir-fried the veggies with black bean fish so there was lots flavours and texture.

The restaurant is quick and inexpensive with great portions. If I had another night I would have gone back for dinner again and tried the tiger prawns with mushrooms. All the dishes were flavourful and consistent. Definitely worth the wait if you want traditional Chinese with a hint of fusion.

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