Hash House a Go GO – San Diego

Going for brunch is one of my ultimate favorite things on the weekends and while traveling. There were lots of recommendations for Hash House a Go Go, so it was at the top of my list. There was a huge line up when we first arrived but it moved quickly and they served free coffee while you waited.

There were so many options and the portions were so large that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. I finally decided on a meat loaf special and a chorizo sausage hash special.

This was my meat loaf special: mashed potatoes topped with avocado, tomatoes, meatloaf, 3 scrambled eggs, gray and a large biscuit.  I loved the combination of it all. Everything that would want in a hearty breakfast!

The chorizo hash was delicious as well. Just the right amount of chorizo and flavor. It came with eggs and an over-sized biscuit.

The portions here are very large and I love how all the ingredients were very fresh. From the farm to the table. This place is definitely a-must-go if you are in the San Diego area. Next time, I will for sure go for the fried chicken and biscuit as I saw the orders and it looked so so so good.


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