I’m usually not a fan of anything too sweet including ice-cream. However, on a recent girl’s trip down to Portland I tasted some amazing ice cream flavors from Salt & Straw. Their fresh made ice-cream and unique flavors shifted my taste buds and I was feeling bliss.

Their farm to ice-cream cone concept incorporates all natural dairy, organic ingredients and is handmade in small batches. I never thought that ice-cream could taste so different and unique. The flavours from the fresh ingredients really shine through and best of all not too sweet!

They let you sample and taste as many flavors as you like before you make the big decision (so hard when everything taste so good). I went with Sea Salt Caramel and Woodblock Chocolate…….Oh! The Sea Salt Caramel is soo sooo soooooo good…. so good. A must try in Portland! Remember to go early as line ups are long. 


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