Toronto & Montreal – Quick Update

Wedding season has officially begun! One of my closest friend from high school held his wedding in Toronto last week and we were lucky enough to share his special day. We decided to take a quick trip to Montreal right after since we have never been and it is the home to the great poutine (one of my favorite things to eat ever!). We spent 4 quick days in Toronto then made our way on Via Rail Canada to Montreal. Coincidentally, a bunch of our mature friends also decided to visit Montreal and it became a wonderful rendezvous. Other than non-stop eating, The Jazz Festival was also in town so we had the opportunity to experience that as well as Canada Day celebrations. Below are a few pictures from the trip. I will compile a video and a more detailed post soon. So stay tuned!

View from Mount Royal

Public Piano at Mount Royal

View from Old Montreal

Enjoying the Jazz Festival in Montreal

The Famous Smoked Meat Sandwich with a side of cherry cola, pickle and fries at Schwartz’s┬áMontreal

distillery district toronto

Wedding Celebration!



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  1. Margaret says:

    How was the hike to Mount Royal? Is it tough?

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