Maui Photo Diary

view from balcony – Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas

Here are some photos from my recent trip to Maui. I was blessed enough to be a bridesmaid to a long time friend for her Oahu wedding and I decided to pop by Maui for a quick trip as I have never been. What a great idea it was……It is much more calm than Waikiki and you really get the feeling of being on a tropical island.

I loved the beaches, the calmness and the beauty of the whole island. It is such a relaxing place filled with outdoor activities. I thought that I would be catching up on lots of reading and just beach bumming around. That definitely was not the case – there is so much to see and places to snorkel. I basically did no reading.

Breakfast Buffet

my fav beach for Snorkeling -kapalua bay

Kapalua Bay was my favourite snorkeling spot. The water was clear and calm. This is where I saw my first sea turtle. I have snorkeled many times and it was here that I got to swim with 2 turtles! After checking out other snorkeling spots we eventually came back here.

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

up at 10,000 ft -Haleakala Crater. After a crazy rain storm

We took a morning trip up to the Haleakala Crater (I had to drive the whole way up cause I get motion sickness easily). Even though I drove, I still felt woozy – it is a long and windy drive especially when it was down-pouring and oh so very foggy! Most people drive up here really early to catch the sunrise but we were already too late as I was driving so slow.

When we finally got up there we couldn’t see much as it was raining big droplets and very foggy. We waited for 30 minutes then the weather changed very quickly. We were even lucky enough to spot a beautiful rainbow. The landscapes up at the summit is very unique – makes you feel like you are very far from the world. 

last sunset….

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