Malaysia Diary – Family Trip


It was one of those rare moments that time aligned and my parents and I were able to travel somewhere together. My mom decided on Malaysia and Singapore as none of us have been. It was great to experience the two places for the first time together – trying new dishes and seeing new sites. Lot of great bonding moments and funny memories to remember.

As I am older now, traveling with the parents feels so different. Almost as if the roles have reversed. When I was younger, I wouldn’t care too much about the planning and would just follow along and was carefree. Now that I am older, I feel the need to take care of my parents. Making sure that they are hydrated, and not hungry. Helping them locate the nearest washroom, making sure they put on sunscreen and are wearing comfortable shoes. And they running around carefree – taking selfies and asking me to take pictures of them so they can send to their friends. It’s funny how things change! More the reason that I appreciate these moments more.

Port Dickson – Malaysia

We spent the first night at a beach town called Port Dickson, situated about 2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. It was a quaint destination and we stayed in rooms that sat on top of the water. However, smoke from the forest fires from Indonesia created a smokey setting and we didn’t get a chance to see the sun much.

Melaka – Malaysia

We also went down south a bit more and visited the historic Melaka Town, rich in colonial history of Dutch and Portuguese. Lots of great churches and heritage sites.

My mom decided to buy me this hat! Lol! How could I resist?

Durian Feast with the best guide!

My mom loves Durian, so of course we had to take a durian tour. We decided to try the highest level of the durian family (didn’t even know that existed). We purchased the Mao Shan Wang Durian at $78 CAN for One! I know! huh?? It’s suppose to be only available in the Malaysia region.  The taste and smell of this Mao Shan Wang Durian was very pungent. It has a very buttery, milky textured and a very strong flavor. If you are not a fan, you will need to stay far far away!

The streets were filled with food and that was my favorite part of the trip. Lots and lots of food. There was a large mixtures of Chinese, Malay and Indian food all around.The official religion in Malaysia is Islam, so their poultry is handled with Hala Standards. Also half of the population is Muslim therefore they do not consume pork. I ate lots of chicken and fish – I didn’t see much beef anywhere as well.

sweating with my roasted chicken wings take away!

Malaysia is definitely a place full of culture with mixes of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. It was a very eye-opening place to visit with great history. If want to experience the true feel of the Malaysian culture you must leave the city of Kuala Lumpur and visit smaller towns and make your way down to Singapore!

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