LifewithSparkles is dedicated to the sparkles of food, travel, inspirations and fabulous finds that inspires my day-to-day life from Vancouver, Canada.

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My name is Sabine Cheng and I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver. I am a dedicated dog mummy to a cute Maltese. She’s really good at keeping me busy most of the time. When I’m not working or with the furry one, you can find me eating or planning my next vacation.

I started this blog in 2010 to document my life and travel as I moved to South Korea to teach English for the summer. Since then, I have continued to blog about my life in Vancouver, all the yummiest in my tummy, my love of traveling, lifestyle and design.


Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver. I am a person that needs constant change. I thrive on yummy eats and good travel. I envy smart and enlightened people. I am a dedicated dog owner. I work to live and do not live to work. I love anything that is related to sunshine. I say without thinking. I clean like no other. I am too positive. I enjoy talks and providing advice. I ask questions constantly. I……

I am me

Please feel free to email me – lifewithsparkle@gmail.com



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