Summer Bliss!

Although we had an early start to summer because of the great weather this year, I didn’t get a chance to do anything summery until the start of this month. It hit me hard when all the stores started changing to fall inventory. Made me realize that summer isn’t around for too much longer…. We [...]

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happy one year to us…..

I’m a little late (actually 1.5 months late), but nevertheless Happy 1st Year of Marriage to us! I heard many stories of how the first year is always hard especially if we have never lived together before. Adjusting to each other’s habits, sharing personal space and finding that balance.  On the contrary it was the total [...]

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Uncover the Cure for cancer! Horraay!

So thankful for such generous friends! We raised more than our goal for the Uncover the cure 10k run. Thank you all so much! We had such a great time running, getting to know the other participants and of course checking out everyone’s wonderful ensembles! A bit sad that I didn’t have time to whip [...]

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