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We were treated to an extra special valentines this year. One of our good friends invited us over for a gourmet, homemade valentines dinner. My talented friend and her sister created this 5 course dinner that was ever so delicious and memorable. Great flavours and fresh ingredients. We were definitely spoiled from the 6 hour dinner. (thanks so much!)

pan-seared foie gras with toasted garlic baguette – potatoes cakes topped with slightly seared scallops -  french onion soup with a flaky top – duck breast with a red wine reduction – “create your own” ice cream bowl (homemade chocolate cups)

On actual Valentines Day – We went and did the most romantic thing ever….eat fried chicken! Matt is lucky that I’m so easily satisfied =) I’ve heard good things about Zabu Chicken on Robson Street and decided that’s what I wanted. The atmosphere and the seating of this place is pretty good. But the best thing is the chicken! We ordered the Original Zabu Chicken which is a whole chicken fried then tossed in a sweet, soya sauce based sauce. The chicken was crispy and I like how you actually get a whole chicken instead of just the usual thighs and drumsticks. We also shared a tofu soup which was decent but much better at other Korean restaurants on the strip. I would definitely recommend this place if you are a fan of fried chicken.

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During my trip in Asia, eating was on the very top of the list for me. I love trying new cuisines and tasting different flavours especially in a new environment where foods can taste so different. The first stop was in Seoul, Korea where kimchi was served almost every meal, then off to Beijing – the home of Peking Duck, then I made my way down China through Fuzhou where seafood is so fresh. Did late night dim sum in Guangzhou then finally to Hong Kong where there is an abundance of hybrid cuisines. Here are some highlights below!

korean BBQ near Insadong, Seoul

Dumpling, Rice Cake soup for Breakfast! (Seoul)

They call this “The Crouching Tiger” – Bacon, Cheddar Cheese (Seoul, Myeong Dong)

Fried Tonkatsu Curry from CoCo Curry (Myeong Dong, Seoul)

Waffle with frozen Yogurt and raspberry Sauce (subway station, Seoul)

Late night sweet and spicy chicken (Jong-na 3, Seoul)

Quick Lunch : White cream omelette on rice , spicy rice dish (Insadong, Seoul)

The Best Best Samgyetang from: Tosokchon Samgyetang (Seoul)

Delicious steamed Dumpling from namdaemun market, Seoul

Tonkatsu, Rice omelette Meal (Seoul Station)

Blueberry cake from my fav bakery in Korea : Paris Baguette Cafe!

Egg and Bacon sandwich – Paris Baguette Bakery

Best Peking Duck from: Da Dong Roast Duck (Beijing, China)

Traditional Zha Jiang Mian (Beijing, China)

Fried scorpions on the famous wangfujing street in Beijing, China! *and no I didn’t eat this! =)

Bird Nest Egg Tarts (Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou)

Taro French Fries in Sweet Chilly Sauce (Fuzhou, China)

Fresh Seafood Hotpot (Fuzhou, China)

Big Deep Fried Puff with sugar (Guangzhou, China)

Famous Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea

Strawberry Tart from Simply Life Cafe (Hong Kong)

Sweet potato French Toast with Red Bean and Ice Cream (Hong Kong)

Big Breakfast – Simply Life Cafe (Hong Kong)

Thai crab curry from Wang Chun Chun (Hong Kong)


I love Izakaya and have heard many good reviews about Suika on Broadway. I was super excited when girl’s night ended up here. I love the vibe of this place. Fun and relaxing. Definitely a great place to wine-down from a busy week. Coincidentally Suika was celebrating their 1 year anniversary and had lots of different drink specials.

Corn Kakiage: corn nibbles that are fried with a cilantro batter, soy sauce and butter. I really enjoyed this dish. The batter was light and just a hint of soy sauce and butter. Really great for sharing.

Tuna-Avocado: Tuna sashimi and slices of avocado topped with a plum & seaweed sauce. Two of my favorite things together! The tuna was fresh and the seaweed sauce was very interesting. A hint of sweetness with full seaweed flavor. When you combine all of it together, it taste like sushi but without the rice.

Sashimi “Shake” Salad: I would have to say this is the salad to order there. This sashimi salad comes in a jar with shaking included. The waitress will actually shake up the salad for you and then serve it. Great idea!

Negitoro Battera Roll: Delicious pressed sushi.

Beef Short Rib: My favorite of the evening. The meat was so tender and came right off the bone. The rich, dark flavor was delicious. I would have wanted a second plate of this if I wasn’t so full!

Fries: I decided to order fries cause I just love eating them! Sauce was very addictive!

Aburi Hiramasa Carpaccio: The Hiramasa was thinly sliced with a great sesame say dressing.

Drink Special: Watermelon with Gin & Tonic. A delicious drink with watermelon puree.

Kakuni Bibimbap: Stewed pork belly with dried shrimp served in a hot stone bowl. The pork belly was delicious and the dried shrimp gives the rice that extra flavor. (forgot to take picture) look here!

Suika on Urbanspoon


I can’t believe I have been back for almost a week already. Hawaii seems like a dream…a sweet dream. One of the things that I was most excited about throughout the whole vacation was eating. My family was a tad bit annoyed with me when we were all eating and I would ask “So..what should we eat later?” =)

On the first night we didn’t look for a place to eat until very late in the evening (11pm). As we walked around Waikiki, I remembered that Yard House had a great late night menu.There was a variety of things and we ended up ordering a bunch to share. (All items on their late night menu was 1/2 off) Such a good deal!

Yard House California Roll

This was their rendition of a California Roll. A large slab of rice with imitation crab meat, avocado on top and seaweed sprinkled. It was very interesting indeed. I prefer a regular Cali roll since this one didn’t have much taste. For $5 well worth the try!

Ahi Tuna Sashimi

This was very good. I was very surprised because it tasted very fresh and I didn’t expect that from a bar. Especially from a late night happy menu. It was perfectly seared and the sauce was a great match. Only $7. (wanted to order another one so bad).

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Roaming Dragon Food Truck

The long weekend went by ever so quickly. It was a packed 3 days with lots of eating and spending time with family and friends. Started off with great food from Roaming Dragon food truck.  Two of us girls with Pork Belly Sliders, Korean Shortrib Tacos, Soba Salad and Lychee Lemonade.

The Pork Sliders were delicious. Flavorful and the pork was juicy. The Soba Salad was a little spicy for me and hid the other flavors. The Shortribs tacos were great and the lemonade was very refreshing on a sunny day!

Roaming Dragon Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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OneHundredDays— There has been a lot of hype for this place so I was very excited to celebrate a close friend’s birthday there last weekend. The place is filled with funky graffiti and dim lighting giving it a very unique feel. 100 Days is a pop up restaurant located at the Opus hotel in Yaletown. The place is very fresh and unconventional. A great place for a fun evening, drinks and laughs.

Mojitos are my favs and this one from 100 days was delicious. Just the right amount of mint and lime.

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Society- Located in the heart of Yaletown lives the Society Dining Lounge. The establishment is apart of the Glowbal Group with a chain of great restaurants. I have been to all of them and had a high expectation for Society.  The main concept for the restaurant is comfort food with a twist.

I recently attended a birthday celebration there and had the chance to indulge in a few different goodies.

cotton candy drink

The drinks at Society is definitely fun. There are delicious milkshakes that range from spiked to non-alcoholic. If it wasn’t so late in the day I would have absolutely tried one! The Cotton Candy drink was very unique however I found it a bit too sweet.

Pissaladière Pizza

This pizza was very delicious. It is a thin crust with caramelized onions, goat’s cheese, black olive tapenade, roasted red peppers. Tasted very fresh!

Baked Lasagna

kobe meat sauce, tomato fondue, roasted peppers, herbed ricotta. It sounded delicious on the menu however it tasted very ordinary. Definitely had better else where.

(This is when the night took over and I wasn’t able to take pictures =(..sorry!) We also tried the Mac n Cheese Balls  which was Mac n Cheese deep fried with jalapeno, white cheddar. The first few bites were great however the jalapeno was a little over powering and couldn’t taste anything else.

For dessert we were given the dessert platter aka The junk food platter filled with cotton candy, caramel popcorn, doughnut holes, cupcakes, cookies, rice crispy, Oreo milk shake. It was a very fun plate with lots of yummy treats. This was the highlight of the night. The platter has everything needed to satisfy any sweet tooth. It is a must try I would say!

Society is a great place to lounge and enjoy some of you old favorites however not a place to truly indulge in great cuisine.


Society Dining Lounge on Urbanspoon


Chill Winston– The celebration continues! This past weekend I had another dinner with my University companions  and we had our hearts set on L’Abattoir in Gastown however they didn’t take reservations. And although I went a little earlier to reserve seats, they were still unable to accommodate us. At first, I thought it was because they were too busy however they had lots of seating on the upper floor. The issue was that they could not adjust their tables from a diamond arrangement into a long table to seat us all. This I thought was very strange since there was excess amount of space to do so. We did not want to sit separately so we decided to give another place a try. Until next time…

Once we stepped out we immediately saw Chill Winston. I have been to this place once before a long time ago and I remembered it to be pretty decent. We decided to try our luck given that it was Saturday night, and we were lucky enough to get an area for all of us to be seated comfortably together.

Double Jack Poutine

We first stared off with one poutine but it was so good that we got another. The fries were thick and it had good amounts of cheese curds and a delicious Jack Daniels demi which gave it the extra hmmmm….


Duck Carpaccio

It was my first time having Duck Carpaccio and I was a little skeptical at first but it turned out to be great. The slices of duck were thin with a nice smoked flavor. The accompanying artisan crisp was also a delight. It was enriched with  cranberries which went well with the thin slices of duck.


Duck Salad

This duck salad was very refreshing and I loved the mixture of orange, cashew nuts and a cranberry vinaigrette. The duck leg was very tender and had a great crispy outer coating. It was a little salty when devoured alone with out the salad.


Bison Tenderloin

This was my favorite dish of the evening. We got the Bison cooked medium rare which was recommended by our waitress. A very good recommendation indeed! The texture was great, and the meat was so tender that it melts. The accompanying potato pancake was also delicious and very unique. Topped off with wild mushrooms and herb butter, it was a very pleasing dish.


Roasted Sable Fish

Another popular choice of the evening was the Roasted Sable Fish. It was a black cod roasted and served with beans and bok choy. I love black cod so I really enjoyed this dish. However, I wasn’t feeling the beans and would have wanted something else. We few of us were wishing that it was corn instead=)

Embracing all the elements, Chill Winston is a wonderful place to unwind and devour. It has a great atmosphere (awesome bathroom!), good bites and attentive service.

Photos: Courtesy of Mable Lo


Chill Winston on Urbanspoon

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